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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 12, 2022
In General Discussions
Every year, the gold, silver and silver are the time when friends who want to change jobs are just around the corner. However, due to the bad environment, it seems that this year's gold three silver four will be missed, which makes many friends' plans fail. Combining the category email list author's experience and accumulation, this article summarizes a practical job-hopping guide from six perspectives of job hunting. It is a rare and in-depth good article, welcome to category email list read and share~ Recently, many friends have consulted with the wooden pen about work. Some of them want to change their careers but don’t know how to start, some are confused about the future development direction, and some have multiple choices and don’t know how to make a decision. To be honest, I am not a tossing person. People, like to pursue stability, have also encountered a failed job-hopping experience, so they are category email list especially cautious about job-hopping. However, it is rare for these friends to trust them. Recently, we have discussed a lot of topics about the industry and work together, and have accumulated some ideas. Recently, I specially category email list organized this article to talk about some of my personal views on work. I hope to give friends who want to change jobs. helped. Old rules, let’s tell a story first: W Company’s performance was not good last year, and the year-end bonus that was issued in March this year was very unsatisfactory, and everyone was very frustrated. However, for Ah Tian, ​​who has category email list just worked for 2 years, he finally has some surplus food on his hands. Looking back on the hard work and grievances he had suffered at work in the past year, he also thought about the unattainable house, car, and category email list girlfriend. Goal, an undercurrent came to my mind, and the word "resign" flooded my brain instantly, so my heart slammed, and I fired the domineering leader who had scolded thousands of times in his heart, and every day PUA did not do anything practical. Leaving gracefully. It's easy to quit, but it's hard to find a job. It turns out that the outside world is not as beautiful as I imagined. Half a year has passed, and several offers.
Every Day Is Gold Three Category Email List Silver Four content media

Robinrobi Seo

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